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Donations made through this page will exclusively benefit the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship. The MSCSA Leadership Scholarship recognizes students who volunteer their time to become leaders on the campus, community, and state level. The Leadership Scholarship is funded through the generous donations of people like you from across the state. The Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA) is an association of the Minnesota public two-year college students, which works to ensure accessible, quality, and affordable public higher education while providing students with representation, leadership development, and communication across the state. Students work toward these goals in several different ways: Advocacy - MSCSA advocates on behalf of students on both the state and federal level. Student representatives visit Washington, D.C. once a year to meet with federal lawmakers. Elected student leaders and a full-time Director of Government Relations maintain a constant presence at the state Capitol. The Platform Committee identifies the specific goals and legislation the association will focus on in a given year. Education - MSCSA seeks to educate students, faculty and the community on issues affecting higher education. This is achieved primarily through trainings at regular meetings, the Association Update and our quarterly newspaper, The Students’ View. Leadership Development - MSCSA looks to positively impact higher education by developing the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow. One way this is done is by providing opportunities for students to serve as leaders on a regional and state level. MSCSA also hosts a four day leadership conference each fall in addition to trainings presented at regular conferences. How we do this: We seek to accomplish these goals by holding meetings to develop our legislative platform, educate students on the issues, provide leadership trainings and conduct business. MSCSA provides funding for delegates from each MnSCU campus to attend these meetings. Any two-year college student is invited to be active in the Minnesota State College Student Association. Please call 1-651-297-5877 to get involved today.

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