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Helping those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and their families & caregivers, manage the unpredictable and ever changing care associated with this disease. We provide assistance in creating a care plan, helping to get the funding necessary to reach care goals set forth and support all along the way. 

MS Wellness Project, Inc. (MSWP), is a compassionate 501(c)3 nonprofit founded by a family of whom is quite familiar with the unpredictable, inconsistent  and often debilitating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This disease can cause frustration, feelings of isolation, guilt and even resentment for both the person who has been diagnosed as well as their loved ones and caregivers. 

My name is Tanya Christianson, MS Care Liaison and Director of MSWP, the family I speak of is mine. Four of the eight members of my immediate family have been diagnosed with MS. My mother, father and two of my five siblings. Each case very different from the other, from symptoms to severity. Life experience has inspired us to reach out to others who may be going through the same trials and tribulations of Multiple Sclerosis as we have endured. Our main mission is to  help these families, rise above the overwhelming burdens often brought on by an MS diagnosis and teach them how to live a quality life full of passion, purpose and love. 

Our ultimate goal is to bring attention to how important it is to view health & wellness as a whole. Environment (where they live), lifestyle (foods they eat, the exercise they get, the people they choose to spend time with, etc.), emotional state, social attitude and just how their place is in the world effects overall health and well being.  By beginning locally and reaching out to one person at a time we hope to create a ripple effect that inspires all those affected by MS, or any other condition, to take control of their own health, rise above the challenges, and live their best life.

We assist those with MS in creating a full custom care plan encompassing all the facets of life that are affected after diagnoses that best suits all of their needs. Managing a chronic disease like MS comes with many facets. Creating a care plan is a necessity. We would like to help you do that. We can provide many ideas that may make things easier for everyone involved. Once the plan is in place we then help them to devise a financial plan to pay for these needs by reaching out to other organizations who offer funding to the MS community. We will also provide financial assistance to ensure their care plan is affordable. 

In the coming year we are launching a new program "Keeping You Home".
Our family has had a pretty rough go of it as the youngest family member's disease has been very aggressive and has progressively declined over the last several years. She requires 24 hour around the clock care. We have worked together to attempt to handle all this care on our own for quite a while. Relationships have been lost. Fear, sadness and unwanted resentment set in and our family was just not the same. With a lot of blood, sweat and tears we are finally making our way through the system to attempt to get the outside help we need and get back to just being a family again. Due to this experience, it is our prerogative to reach out to others, tell them what we learned and help them avoid some of the major pitfalls we have dealt with.

Although the system may be very intimidating to navigate, rest assured there is help available and we want to help you find it.  Our financial assistance program is available to those who qualify to help with living expense costs, home care, etc during the interim of getting your care/financial plan in place.

Also in 2019 we will be unveiling our new Affiliate Program. This program will consist of a list of companies that offer goods, services, education and funding to help make your care plan a success at a special discounted rate for our clients at MS Wellness Project, Inc.  We are very excited about this program and to work with these companies and organizations.

It is important to know that conventional medical practices such as routine visits with a neurologist and the use of various medications to slow progression of this often debilitating disease are can be a crucial part of managing symptoms. However, adding natural health care options to the care plan to help lessen the number of exacerbations and decrease stress and symptoms of MS is proven to be extremely beneficial. We have a Natural Health Program in which we offer 40% funding for these services to those with MS who qualify.

We thank you for considering a donation. Your benevolence will help us to continue our mission to help those with Multiple Sclerosis get the help they need to live better, lower stress, save relationships, ease symptoms and stay in their homes where they are safe and comfortable.

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