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In comparison to the rest of the world, Morrison County, Minnesota, measuring around 719,593 acres, may be small, but it is huge on history. From the Dakota and Ojibwe to the Hochunk, French-Canadians, Polish, Germans, Scandinavians, English, and Irish, the county's pre- and early residents exhibited diversity. Since the county's formation in 1856, inhabitants have engaged in all manner of activity, including building and maintaining local government and social institutions, operating commercial enterprises, and enjoying arts and recreational pursuits.

This could easily be the description for any geographic area in the United States, but the particulars of Morrison County history, the specific people who have called this geographic area home while attending to their industriousness, can only be found here.

Through the archival documents, photos, and three-dimensional objects preserved at The Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum, the Morrison County Historical Society shares that specific history with genealogists, students, governmental units, historians, building owners, and the merely curious.

We can help you discover who sold the first logs in the county (Chief Hole in the Day), the age of Paul Larson when he built his first boat (11), and how long Pine Tree Lumber Company was operational (approximately 30 years). We can also help you uncover your Morrison County ancestors.

Your support is crucial to helping MCHS preserve and share the collections that provide a tangible connection to Morrison County's past.

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