More Light Presbyterians, Inc.

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You are our beacon to shine More Light! 

 More Light Presbyterians is at a pivotal moment when we are helping congregations translate policy and polity into practice and lived experience—taking the lessons we’ve learned and applying them wherever exclusion, oppression or harmful prejudice exists in the body of Christ.

Our work is clear: transform the idea of equity into reality and extend it to all who identify as children of God and siblings of Christ.

The path we are lighting on this journey we share leads beyond acceptance and inclusion to total reconciliation and seamless community. We believe that there is a tap root of shared humanity from which we all draw our common life. At that root, in essence, we are the same. As Christians, we claim participation in the One Body of Christ, each with our varied gifts and different functions within the whole. 

You, too, are connected with us at that tap root. You, too, can participate in the life-giving work of shedding more and more light on the path toward God’s new heaven and new earth. One conversation, one relationship, one gathering, one donation, one revelation at a time—give so that all may see and know that we are all One in Christ. Give, so that More Light may shine.

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More Light Presbyterians, Inc.

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