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Thanks to your support, more children in Montessori schools have the opportunity to thrive. The research proves it*: Children in quality Montessori schools show greater gains on measures of executive function, reading, math, vocabulary, and critical life skills than their peers.

Your gift to the Montessori Center of Minnesota (MCM) increases access to Montessori education for those who need it most

Here’s how: 

  • MCM’s teacher training program recruits and supports a diverse and passionate community of educators. We offer scholarships and financial assistance aimed at breaking down access barriers and diversifying the field of Montessori educators.  
  • Our onsite early childhood program, Cornerstone Montessori School (CMS), increases access to Montessori education for children and families from financially and economically diverse backgrounds. Last year, over 70% of children attending CMS received financial assistance, bringing Montessori education within reach for families.
  • Through our core outreach program, Montessori Partners Serving All Children, we support our community partners in offering culturally-rooted Montessori schools and programs for children and families in their communities. 

When you support MCM, you make Montessori education possible for more adult learners, children, and families. Thank you!Left: 6-12 Diploma Course trainees in practice. Right: Child exploring the constructive power of triangles at CMS.

Claudia's Story

Claudia Vasquez-Lopez, CMS Trained Assistant and MCM Primary (3-6) Diploma Course 2023 Graduate, shares how her children have been impacted by a powerful Montessori education at CMS thanks to scholarship support. “Having access to tuition assistance is really great. That’s how I’m able to bring my children here and provide them with the Montessori experience they’re getting.”

Learn more about Claudia's journey as a CMS parent, staff member, and Primary (3-6) Diploma Course scholarship recipient in the video below.

MISSION To transform lives and society by broadening access to the power of Dr. Maria Montessori’s proven method of education

VISION All humanity working for the common good in our shared world


Transformation—Provoking powerful change on behalf of the child

Work—Engaging in meaningful and purposeful activity

Community—Building connections to foster human solidarity

Intentionality—Bringing clarity and thoughtfulness to all we do

Civility—Acting with respect, courtesy and compassion

*Montessori education’s impact on academic and nonacademic outcomes: A systematic review. Randolph, Bryson, Menon, Henderson, Kureethara Manuel, Michaels, Rosenstein, McPherson, O’Grady, Lillard, 2023

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