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The charismatic monarch butterfly, Minnesota's state butterfly, graces our gardens, parks, and communities each summer, sharing its habitat with various creatures. In our state, we take pride in our connection to nature and preserving our environment. By supporting the Monarch Joint Venture, we not only aid a beautiful butterfly but also foster interconnectedness between people and nature. Your help is crucial in achieving this goal for Give to the Max Day 2023.

The Monarch Joint Venture, in collaboration with our extensive partner network, tirelessly works to safeguard the monarch butterfly and its incredible migration. Now is our moment to take action, knowing that our collective efforts can bring about meaningful change. Your involvement, alongside the diverse network of the Monarch Joint Venture, not only benefits monarch butterflies but also contributes to broader environmental conservation needs. Join us on Give to the Max Day 2023 and make a lasting impact!

We need you to be part of the work. Please support monarch conservation today with a financial contribution. Every dollar, like every milkweed plant, makes a difference for monarchs. Your giving drives the four pillars of our work:

- Restoring healthy and abundant habitats for monarchs and more.

- Using science to inform our conservation and education efforts. 

- Educating agencies, farmers, individuals, schools, and other groups about how they can help monarch populations thrive.

- Building alliances to strengthen our conservation actions and increase our collective impact.

Thank you for your generosity! For more ways to help monarchs or more information about these amazing animals, visit the Monarch Joint Venture website at

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