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Through an unexpected gift, providing comfort and hope to families and teens in District 196 facing hardship


How we began

Moms & Neighbors began as a small group of local mothers who wanted to contribute to their communities in a very tangible and personal way. Dissatisfied by large non-profit organizations whose administration, geographic coverage and comprehensive visions diluted our donations, they sought a way to touch and feel their contributions. As they met, they realized that they had all faced challenges in their lives: financial, medical or familial. All of them had felt vulnerable and alone when these events occurred, and these founders of Moms & Neighbors wanted to be a source of comfort and hope when other local families were facing hardship.

Our goal is simple 

Moms & Neighbors helps deserving families or teens facing hardship. We work closely with our local school counselors, social workers and community advocates to provide these families or teens with assistance they truly need. Assistance is tailored to the recipient and can include gift cards for items such as gas, groceries, or clothing, or help with utility bills and housing payments. Though what we give varies as much as our recipients' needs, it is always rewarding and surprising to see how powerful an anonymous act to kindness can be.

How we carry out our goal

Moms & Neighbors gets tax deductible monetary and in-kind donations from supporters like you. We raise money throughout the year by way of one time and recurring (our favorite!) monetary donations and also through special fundraising events. Those events include a Fall Fundraiser & Charcuterie Board/Class Raffle at North 20 Brewing in Sept/Oct, a Casino Night Event (Feb/Mar - next event tentatively scheduled for Feb 2025) and other smaller events throughout the year.

Because we are a small, local, all volunteer organization, we are able to take more than 99.6% of those funds and distribute them to families and teens who are referred to us by community advocates. These community advocates are usually school social workers who know these families and teens, and are able to identify and advocate for those who can benefit most from our unexpected gift of kindness and hope! Occasionally we get requests from other community advocates: faith leaders, county case workers, etc.

Once a family or teen is brought to us for consideration, we have the opportunity to evaluate how we can best serve their needs. We consider each families' or teens' unique circumstances and determine if the unexpected gift will be a gas station gift card, groceries, payment of a utility bill or bills, a rent payment, a medical bill payment, or other.

We do this all anonymously: the only person who knows the recipient and that the gift came from Moms & Neighbors is the community advocate. That way we are able to provide comfort and hope on behalf of the whole community!

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