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Connecting, supporting, and advocating for the performing arts across Minnesota

We envision a vibrant and complex Minnesota performing arts ecosystem in which practitioners’ flourish in companies that are stable, accessible, safe, and healthy; achieving their missions through enthusiastic engagement with their communities and audiences.  We recognize that we still have a long way to go.

We celebrate and support performing arts groups and individual practitioners across Minnesota. We serve performing arts organizations that vary by size, location, organizational life-cycle stage, and type. We also serve individual practitioners who are diverse in terms of age, culture, gender, work area, career stage, and employment status.

Your support helps us bring this vision to life.

Over 500 performing arts organizations across Minnesota bring amazing performance, education, creativity, and economic impact to our cities, towns, and rural areas. If we have learned anything over the past year, it is that we are always better together. Your donation helps foster this vibrant community of artists.

Creating theater is inspiring, but often challenging work. The impact on our communities is worth it.

Resources can be scarce for the arts, and practitioners can feel isolated. We create solutions for connecting, supporting, and advocating for the performing arts, so that they continue to thrive and contribute to our proud Minnesota arts and culture legacy. New donations to the Minnesota Theater Alliance are amazing ways to magnify your existing support of your favorite performing arts organizations (we hope you are also contributing to them!). Check out ExploreMNTheater.com to help you do that.

To do our work, we need your support. Please donate today. 

We are coming towards the end of a year-long leadership transition on top of a year+ long pandemic. This time of reflection has allowed us to focus on our strategic planning, to make sure that the Minnesota Theater Alliance truly serves all the unique and diverse performing artists and companies across our great state. Be a part of helping us navigate towards the next phase of our future!

A million thanks!


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