Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light (MNIPL)

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Together, We Can Create a Sustainable World

Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light organizes people across communities of faith, religion, and spiritual practice to take meaningful action towards a more just and a more sustainable world. Grounded in our shared values of care for the planet and care for one another, we work statewide to harness the transformative power that each of us holds so that we can stop destructive oil pipelines, build a renewable economy in which everyone prospers, support the functioning of a robust multiracial democracy, and win a bold policy agenda based in climate justice and racial justice. 

Thank you for being a part of our work, and for all that you do to care for our world. 

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Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light (MNIPL)

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4407 E Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55406


612 465 9459

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