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The Climate Movement is for Everyone

In the two weeks leading up to the Minnesota-wide Give to the Max Day, we at Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light have a multifaith delegation present in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Conference. An amazing group of truth-tellers — Julia Nerbonne (Executive Director), Analyah Schlaeger dos Santos (Youth Program Coordinator), Ruhel Islam (Board Member), and a Water Protector/Native media maker — have made this journey to share their different experiences to an international stage.

These Climate Talks also give us the opportunity to connect the story of the movement to Stop Line 3 with a broader moment of global challenge and to share the impact of climate change on youth of color living in Minneapolis. These stories are essential to our mission, and we are honored to carry them!

We also are bringing back first-hand accounts of climate change from places like Bangladesh, Venice, and island nations — giving us in Minnesota the chance to learn and respond to the experiences of people on the front lines of a changing planet. 

In all that we do at MNIPL, we are making real the truths that climate security is a human right, and that the United States has a moral and legal responsibility for addressing climate damage and loss.

During the 2021 Give to the Max, we have a goal of raising $5,000 so that MNIPL programs have the ongoing resources and support so needed to continue to make a difference in climate justice and racial justice. Your gift right now is an investment in an interconnected and interdependent world. As the UN Climate Talks are making plain, it is code red for humanity. What we do in Minnesota not only impacts lives here, but the lives of those everywhere.

We at MNIPL know that when we work in community, we can build transformative power and bring the lights of our collective action in authentic, effective, and energizing ways. Thank you for your support, in any amount that is meaningful and accessible for you!

About Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light

Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light organizes people across communities of faith, religion, and spiritual practice to take meaningful action towards a more just and sustainable world. We work statewide to harness the transformative power that each of us holds so that we can ... 

  • stop destructive oil pipelines,
  • build a renewable economy in which everyone prospers, 
  • support the functioning of a robust multiracial democracy, and
  • win a bold policy agenda based in climate justice and racial justice.

Thank you for being a part of our work, and for all that you do to care for our world.

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