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The CCRO loves to bring you the monthly newsletters. We are excited to welcome back Damian Stayne and team real soon.

Our Mission is to proclaim the Gospel so all can respond to the call to conversion to Jesus Christ, surrender their lives to the Father and experience transformation through the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

"I desire that the spirituality of Pentecost be spread in the Church as a renewed thirst of prayer, holiness, communion and proclamation . . . Receive with gratitude and obedience the charisms that the Spirit does not cease to offer!" ~ Pope John Paul II, Pentecost Vigil, 2004.


We Sponsor Events:

Two Annual Conferences which have inspired and instructed thousands of people over the years—a Summer Regional (5-state) Conference and a Winter Teaching Conference featuring local and national speakers. In addition, the Office has initiated ecumenical conferences and has helped promote other charismatic conferences.

All-City Events such as retreats, speaker events or special healing Masses are held periodically. These gatherings also draw some who do not regularly attend prayer meetings. 

All-City Charismatic Pentecost Mass brings together charismatics to specifically celebrate the gift that Charismatic Renewal has been for the Church.  Usually presided over by a bishop, this annual Mass has uplifted many.

Informational Meetings bring interested people together to share concerns and provide mutual support.

Other events such as Life in the Spirit Seminars, Leadership and Healing Training Programs, Days of Renewal.


We Publish: 

The CCRO Newsletter which is distributed free of charge to charismatics around the region and nation.  It contains information about upcoming events and teaching articles that have inspired many and have been reprinted in other newsletters around the country. 

The “Bishops Speak to the Renewal” booklet is a collection of letters from nearly 70 U.S. bishops speaking candidly to the Renewal with their insights, comments and recommendations. This booklet was originally published in conjunction with the 2005 National Conference by the same name. Available through the Renewal Office.

We Provide Information and Counsel:

Assisting people who call with questions about the Charismatic Renewal, Catholic doctrines, personal spiritual issues or some callers just need someone to pray with them or listen to them. Some are referred to us by the Archdiocese. Often we refer people to the closest prayer meeting.

Communication with the Archdiocese involves arranging meetings with Bishops, keeping the Archdiocese informed about problems or challenges, cooperating with other Archdiocesan agencies or ministries and responding to inquiries from the Chancery.

Communication with the National Renewal Office involves promoting national events, assisting with fund raising and helping set policy.

Your donations allow us to continue in the work we do. God bless you.

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