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The Issue

One in 250 people in Minnesota have aphasia.  Aphasia may affect the ability to speak, read, write, and/or understand what others are saying.   It is usually caused by stroke or brain injury.  It does not affect intelligence.   There is also a progressive form of aphasia called Primary Progressive Aphasia which is a progressive neurological condition.                                     

The Impact

The lack of ability to communicate can cause devastating isolation.

Can you imagine losing the ability to speak, read, write, or understand what people are saying to you?  What would it be like if you couldn't order a hamburger or answer the phone?

"It’s like… not knowing what stuff is in your head. That’s the only thing I can say. It’s up there, but you can’t get it out."

The Mission

Help create the opportunity for connection and communication in a safe, supportive place.   A place where "you are not alone -- a place where you see that life can get better, that you can improve".      

Over 120 persons with aphasia and their care partners are connected through MnCAN to support, education, and communication practice through twelve aphasia conversation groups located in the Twin Cities and in outstate MN.  And there are many more that could benefit from access to MnCAN's programs.



Aphasia from Gus's Perspective

We are always inspired by our program participants and their care partners when they share their journeys with aphasia and MnCAN’s impact on their lives. One of our participants, and a MnCAN board member, Gus talks about his experiences with aphasia, his hope to create a life bigger than aphasia, and his goals for the future and how MnCAN supports his journey.  

What You Can Help Accomplish in 2023/2024 With Your Gifts Today:

  • Allow MnCAN to continue to provide scholarship options creating more opportunity for all persons affected by aphasia
  • Expand reach of MnCAN services throughout communities, healthcare systems, businesses and organizations to increase the number of aphasia persons touched in the State of Minnesota
  • Provide expansion to our programs by adding additional groups enabling participant growth and connections
  • Grant continued opportunity for organizational growth and development

In The Words of MnCAN Participants:

"MnCAN has been a saving grace.  After my therapy, I didn't know what to do. Now I have hope and have made new friends" 

"I love words. Aphasia makes finding words hard but MnCAN gives me support and hope" 

"Rehab is hard. MnCAN is a good thing. It's nice to be a part of a group with people my age." 

"To me, it's something I look forward to. I know I'm going to be accepted and can talk to people and know they will listen. MnCAN helped me accept who I am. It's helped me in the recovery process. I hope it will get me to 100% recovery. I might not get there but at least I can try."

"MnCAN has given me a lot of different perspectives of how a stroke has affected people. It's hard to remember what I want to talk about. I get frozen up. MnCAN gives me a chance to say something and it doesn't go to the wind."

"It helps me to have conversations. Otherwise, you become… kind of get lonesome there. You have nowhere to talk to. So, here, it helps me to talk with other people, and so I enjoy… I like to come and have the conversations. I enjoy that."

"My MnCAN group has taught me not to sweat the small stuff, not to be worried about it, not to be worried about the difficulty and the lack of understanding that I have with MnCAN group ‘cause we are all the same, every one of us, exactly the same, and none of us in the same manner week to week." 

Listen as MnCAN Program Participants share what a difference MnCAN programs 
and the community of peers makes in their lives.  

      Thank you for making a life changing difference today!   

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