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Mississippi Valley Montessori School, an AMI Affiliated school, provides an authentic Montessori environment for children 33 mo. to 6 years.

At Mississippi Valley Montessori School, we believe in the core philosophy of Maria Montessori and her outstanding research on children’s abilities to learn.

This Montessori philosophy places your child in a classroom atmosphere of inspiration and respect:

  • Children are encouraged to follow their own curiosities
  • The seeds of lifetime learning are cultivated early in life
  • Respect for the interests of other children, and thus other human beings, is taught
  • The classroom features spontaneity within an orderly framework


One of the primary distinctions between a Montessori program and a traditional preschool/school environment is that children direct their own learning, choosing among the sections of a well-structured and stocked classroom.  This includes specific areas of the classroom or “environment” as:

  • Practical Life (fine and gross motor skill development)
  • Sensorial (sensory and brain development)
  • Language
  • Math
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Art


In addition, the programs here at Mississippi Valley help all children to:

  • Pursue subjects of personal interest to them
  • Learn at a self-challenging pace
  • Develop a real love of learning
  • Gain confidence in acquiring knowledge independently

In the supportive social environment of our school, your child will begin to:

  • Learn to respect the rights of others
  • Work cooperatively with peers
  • Participate confidently as an individual
  • Learn self-assurance within small groups and with the entire class


The role of the teacher is to introduce and present materials to the children on a one-on-one basis, but then to remain a silent presence in the classroom. They act as a guide, sage, or mentor, if you will, to the children as they discover their own interests and develop further intellectual curiosity.  Children work independently and are encouraged to ask questions as needed.


It is truly remarkable how quickly children at the age of 33 months begin to understand their own interests and develop maturity well beyond their young age.  That is what makes Mississippi Valley a truly unique and loving environment for your child.

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