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Our school is one of the first and finest creative arts schools in Saint Paul. Every student experiences the arts through music, dance, drama, reading and even science and math. Our teachers love what they do and many are practicing artists themselves. Working with our community partners, students can participate in city-wide performances and experience the arts through the Ordway Center, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and Ethnic Dance. Our young artists create art in the classroom and have many opportunities to display it for our lively community. After-school and recreational opportunities are available in our building and just a short walk away at McDonough Recreation Center. We welcome everyone at Mississippi and we are proud of our strong family and community involvement.

Working with our own arts specialists and internationally known artists-in-residence, young creative minds experience the satisfaction of making art as they learn reading, writing, math and science. Our teachers love what they do and many are practicing artists themselves. Students have many opportunities to display their visual or performing arts work for our vibrant international community, and parents and community organizations are active in our school. After-school and recreation opportunities are a short walk away at McDonough Recreation Center.  

Your donation will help provide Mississippi students with supplies, tools and learning opportunities beyond the exceptional curriculum they already receive. Thank you for considering a gift to our school.

For more information on our school, please visit http://mississippi.spps.org.

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Mississippi Creative Arts School | 1575 L’Orient St. | Saint Paul, MN 55117 | 651-293-8840

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