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Committed to mental health, advocacy, reintegration, suicide prevention, comradery and fellowship for our soldiers and veterans

About Us

The Mission Project was founded in 2005 by Mary Bergerson, the disabled widow of Sgt. Douglas Bergerson, in order to honor his memory and military service following his suicide. We lose 23 soldiers/veterans to suicide every day. It is her vision to put an end to this by keeping others from following in his footsteps. The most important things soldiers need from us is to know they are not alone, that people care and that we are here to help and support them. Doug considered the military an extension of his family, and family takes care of each other.

Mission Statement

The Mission Project strives to support our military and its veterans through our programs and partnerships with other businesses, churches, and organizations that positively help and assist our armed forces. We are committed to mental health, advocacy, reintegration, suicide prevention, camaraderie and fellowship. Our motto is if we all do a little we can accomplish a lot.

Our Missions/Programs

Care Packages are sent throughout the year to let our military know they are not alone and we care. Special emphasis is given for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Freedom Fighters Support Group is peer-driven and provides an opportunity for soldiers/veterans to meet and work through their war-time experience while integrating back into family life. It is open to all veterans, their families and support systems. We provide a community meal, live music, acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic free of charge. Resource tables are often staffed by other veteran organizations/businesses that provide different services to meet current needs. 

Gift Card Program/Veteran Crisis Fund provides short-term help for veterans in crisis. We do this by providing the following grants:    

  • Gift Card Program provides gift cards for gas, bus cards, food and retail essentials.           
  • Emergency Cash Grants are paid to a vendor on behalf of the veteran to assist in the payment of things such as work-related items, transportation, housing, medical and/or utilities bills.

This program requires proof of service (medical card or DD-214). Some restrictions may apply.


Quilt Program: The Mission Project works with Wabash Valley Correctional in Indiana to provide quilts for:

  •   A thank you gift for military service
  •   Veterans homeless shelters
  •   Soldiers/veterans in crisis
  •   Stand Downs

Camp Scholarship Fund: The Mission Project partners with a variety of PTSD and family camps dedicated to our military, its veterans and their families. This fund will allow our military/veterans to attend a camp that meets their needs to help with reintegration following their war-time experience free of charge.

How You Can Help

We are a 100% volunteer effort by people who love and support our military and its veterans. As a result, all monies raised are tax deductible and go directly into supporting our programs. We would appreciate your help. Please consider partnering with us in the following ways:

  •  Make a financial donation
  •  Purchase items from our Suggested Donation List  (available upon request at
  •  Purchase gift cards (food, gas or retail) for our Veteran Crisis Fund
  •  Donate fabric for our Quilt Program
  •  Staff a resource table at Freedom Fighters (open to businesses and veteran organizations that positively assist and support our armed forces and Veterans)
  •  Sponsor a donation drive or event (Car Wash or Jean Day)   
  •  Pack and ship care packages
  •  Provide transportation services to/from: post office, donation collection, support group    
  •  Write cards and letters to soldiers
  •  Provide support for events/fundraiser
  •  Donate professional services: chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, or live music
  •  Catered meals or meal preparation for Freedom Fighters Support Group

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