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Ask our members what they like best, and they’ll likely say the biblical preaching and the sense of community. We’re small enough that our members can really get to know one another, and that leads to a caring and nurturing environment where members encourage one another as they grow in faith.



Acts 4:42-47 provides one of the clearest descriptions of the mission of the church. We are called into a body devoted to:

  • Apostolic teaching (in others, teaching that comes straight from the Scriptures)
  • Fellowship (radical unity in mind, purpose, conversation, and encouragement with each other)
  • Breaking of bread (regular participation together in the sacraments – Lord’s Supper and baptism)
  • Prayer

And we participate in these things with certain goals in mind:

  • Being together with other Christians
  • Sharing with those in need
  • Regularly meeting together (especially on Sundays, but throughout the week)
  • Praising and worshipping God
  • With an outward focus (good relationship with neighbors and growth in the church as new Christians are gathered)

By God’s grace, we are striving to become that kind of church more and more every day.

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