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Hank is alive today because of the generosity of donors like you.

Just a few weeks ago, Hank was in a dire situation—he’d found and broken into a bottle of ibuprofen, which is a lethal toxin to pets. 

Hank’s mom, Jordan is cuddling Hank extra close this holiday season, because Mission Animal Hospital saved Hank’s life!

“I can’t imagine what my life would look like if I had lost him, and because of Mission, I get to come home after work each night to spoil him and give him more kisses than he likely wants.”

It all started a few weeks ago. Jordan started to worry when Hank began vomiting and barely eating, definitely not normal for this energetic boy. He started needing to go outside more often but was lethargic and not himself. Over two days, Jordan saw him get sicker and sicker very quickly. 

After taking Hank to their primary veterinarian, they thought Hank might have eaten something and needed surgery, but they didn’t have a firm diagnosis. And, the cost of care was simply not affordable for Jordan. Jordan was crushed and so scared for her sweet boy.

But Jordan found hope when she brought him to Mission Animal Hospital.

Mission’s accessible care allowed Jordan to be able to get the necessary diagnostic tests for Hank - and bloodwork showed that he had ingested a toxin. Jordan searched her home and found a chewed up bottle of ibuprofen—and Hank had eaten a potentially deadly dose. It was wreaking havoc on his body and his kidneys were beginning to fail. 

But at Mission, life-saving care became possible for Hank.

For the next several days, Hank spent his days at Mission Animal Hospital, receiving medications and fluids. He slowly improved, until all his bloodwork returned to normal. Hank went home with his mom, and she is so grateful. 

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