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Welcome to Give To The Max Day 2022 made possible by the devoted staff of GiveMN.org!!!

Founded on caring for animals in need, let me lead you through an average day at Misfit Acres - The alarm sings (screams) at  4:30 and followed by the thumping of Babybelle's tail against the wall.  Pups out for potty then back to bed so I can have coffee and a little quiet time before 5:30 canine breakfast and medications for Annabelle.

Then at 6:15, time to tend to horses for the morning.  First, a stroll to check water tank levels then on to feeding all horses. Dani is first and lets you know it!  Then Kalli Marie, followed by Dixie, who is also quite impatient, then Magic, Faith, and Little Boy.  Heading down to the barn next to feed the barn kitties.  My faithful buddy Ralphie kitty is right beside me and I have to feed him before the rest of the kitties.

All the horses are on round bales so I generally don't have to haul square bales unless they are low on hay and one of the volunteer skid loader drivers has not been available yet.  In three of the pastures, a round bale in a hay-hut lasts about a month. Magic, Faith, and Little Boy have 2 hay huts to last them about a month.

Back to the house and get ready for work.  One more trip outside for the pups before I leave for work.

Arriving home in the later afternoon, it is medicine time again – better known as “hot dog time” as I hide the dog pills in hot dog pieces. Supper time is 5:30 for the dogs since I have to keep Annabelle's insulin time at 12 hours intervals.

Around 6:30, time to take care of the horses for the evening. I try to spend a little more time with each horse in the evenings which means treat time!  We go through lots of carrots, apples, and bagged horse treats.  Dani did try a piece of a pear I was having one day but was not really impressed with it. They especially like the Starlight peppermints. You can surely get their attention fast when crackling the wrapper.

Weekend days include all this and the “errand runs” to get horse feed and whatever else is needed for repairs and maintenance.

I am committed to helping these animals and providing a good life for them. They deserve it.

Although Misfit Acres is at 6 horses at this time due to the loss of Kojack and Champ earlier this year, we are awaiting the possible arrival of 2 aged, unrideable horses with some lameness issues. But this is dependent on how fundraising goes as this endeavor takes money and finances need to be watched carefully.  Additionally, this is a volunteer project as no wages are paid.

I ask that you consider helping Misfit Acres Inc through this special Give To The Max Day 2022

Jody - on behalf of Kalli Marie,  Magic, Faith, Little Boy, Dixie, Danibelle, Babybelle, Chrissybelle, and lots of kitties that won't let me touch them.  

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