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Traffic safety is why we are Minnesotans For Safe Driving (MSD). Many of our members have experienced firsthand what happens when the driving public doesn’t put traffic safety first. Most of us take driving for granted. Without thinking, we hop in the car, drive to the store or work, we forget how in one moment our lives could be changed forever. We need to remember, driving is a privilege and responsibility. Your life, your family’s lives and my life depend on it. Our mission at MSD is to focus the majority of our energies in the following areas: • To assist all traffic crash victims and their families through the court system. Someone from MSD will accompany any victim or family member through the court system • To inform youth who are first learning the skills of driving to understand how important it is to drive without distractions and not be impaired. MSD provides speakers (free of charge) to schools and driver ed. classes. Also MSD has DVD’s that tell the stories of offenders and victims of traffic crashes and how that crash impacted their life and the life of their families. • To inform impaired/drunk and careless driving offenders of how fortunate they were that the arrest was the extent of their bad day and what it would have been like if they had killed or injured someone. MSD does driving impact panels for offenders in 4 counties around the metro area. We also do teen impact panels for driver’s education students. • MSD has a presence at the Capitol to help enact laws to make our roads safer. Minnesotans For Safe Driving is a non-profit, volunteer organization started in 2000. A majority of money received goes directly into these and other programs.

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