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The Minnesota Land Trust stands at the forefront of natural climate solutions, leveraging habitat conservation and restoration strategies that promote clean water, species biodiversity and land connectivity. Your support today is an investment in a greener, cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable Minnesota. By contributing to our cause, you become an integral part of a movement that is protecting wildlife, promoting nature resiliency, and safeguarding our precious natural resources like clean air and water. 

These efforts have never been more important than they are right now as the natural environment faces increased pressure from land development and climate change. Together, we have the power to create a lasting legacy of conservation and ensure that future generations can revel in the unparalleled beauty of Minnesota.

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5 Million Reasons—One Simple Action

There are over 5 million people in Minnesota, each with a unique relationship to nature, including our lands, water, and wildlife. How do you connect with nature in Minnesota?

Perhaps there’s a special place that you visit each year. Is it mountain biking in the north woods that gets your heart racing or forest bathing beside a pristine stream in southern Minnesota that returns you to yourself—maybe both?

Or maybe it’s seeing the joy in your grandchildren’s faces as they swim in a clean, cool lake on a hot summer day—and a fervent wish that future generations have the same experience. Maybe it’s a simple sense of duty, the responsibility we feel to protect something...or someone that has given us so much. 

There are millions of reasons why it's important to protect vulnerable lands and restore imperiled habitats in Minnesota, but there's just one simple action you need to take right now if you want to help. We have years—not decades—to implement conservation and restoration strategies that will help preserve the iconic natural spaces and lands we love foreverWill you join us? Today is the day to take one simple action to permanently protect the iconic and imperiled Minnesota places we love.

Just like every person counts, every gift big or small, makes a difference. 

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Protecting the Lands We Love for All, Forever

Our vision for the future includes fishing in cold trout streams, hiking in the shady respite of a cool forest on a hot day, and enjoying the visual feast of fall colors every autumn. With your help, that vision can become a reality. Together, we are working to protect the distinct and special places that make us who we are... 

That includes our northern forests and peat bogs; the St. Louis River Estuary and Lake Superior; the Minnesota, St. Croix, Sauk, and Mississippi Rivers; rare oak savannas and climate-resilient bluff lands in the Driftless Region; endangered grasslands and remnant native prairies that used to sustain wild buffalo and that today are crucial to the survival of butterflies, bees, and other pollinators; the prairie pothole region—the nation's "duck factory;" and critical deep, coldwater lakes that support tullibee and the state's large gamefish populations.  

Protecting these beautiful, iconic landscapes and waters for future generations also grounds more carbon, reduces carbon emissions, connects habitats, and builds healthy, resilient ecosystems that support species biodiversity. With your support, we can maximize our restoration impact and permanently protect even more Minnesota land and undeveloped shoreline. 

Your gift promotes clean air, water, and vibrant, diverse, resilient natural landscapes today and for future generations of Minnesotans.


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Why The Minnesota Land Trust?

We are Minnesota’s largest dedicated land trust, operating with integrity and urgency since 1991. Here are three things that set us apart. 

  1. We protect and restore Minnesota's most vital lands. Over 70% of Minnesota lands are privately held—which places them at a higher risk for parcelization, development, and degradation. More healthy, protected landscapes and intact habitats benefit all Minnesotans.
  2. Our power is in our partnerships. We are uniquely positioned in the conservation community as a coalition builder, bringing together local, state, federal, Indigenous nations, and other public and private stakeholders to achieve big conservation and restoration goals. 
  3. Your donation goes further. Every dollar that you donate today generates $9 of habitat conservation and restoration in Minnesota because of our ability to secure public funding and landowner donations.

The Minnesota Land Trust is a 501(c)3 public charity. 


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