Minnesota Youth Amateur Radio Council

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MNYARC is a non-profit educational organization whose goal is to sponsor, support, and engage youth with activities through amateur radio.

Engaging youth through amateur radio

Who We Are:

  • Provide opportunities for youth to learn about amateur radio as a hobby and perform public service
  • Assist youth in becoming licensed amateur radio operators
  • Encourage youth to explore new areas of amateur radio
  • Sponsor and assist amateur radio based youth groups through scouting, school,and community
  • Help youth find ways to assist others through amateur radio
  • Provide liaison between youth involved in amateur radio and other community or government organizations in need of emergency amateur radio communications assistance
  • Offer opportunities for youth with common interests an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with each other
  • What We Do:

  • Equip and maintaine mobile emergency communications unit for use by youth in support of various emergency relief organizations
  • Operate and maintain a repeater in the metro area where youth are welcome
  • Have a pool of Amateur Radio instructors available
  • Hold amateur radio license classes
  • Arrange for training on advanced amateur radio topics
  • Make available a pool of amateur radio equipment for loan to youth organizations
  • Organize and supporting local events where youth interested in amateur radio can get together and learn from each other
  • Include representatives from scouting, ARRL, emergency communications groups, government and other community organizations in need of amateur radio communications services as members of our advisory board
  • Sponsor a website listing everything we know about amateur radio in Minnesota
  • Provide technical assistance to youth organizations and participating public service agencies
  • Provide a pool of Volunteer Examiners to hold testing sessions that are open to all but are designed to be as youth-friendly as possible.
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