Minnesota Women's Woodland Network

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The Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network (MNWWN) helps women manage their woods by providing peer-to-peer learning and opportunities to network with woodland owners and natural resource professionals.

By giving to MNWWN, you are helping sustain and grow a network of volunteers dedicated to keeping Minnesota’s forests healthy for future generations. As more women become landowners, MNWWN will provide crucial role in supporting women who own woods.   

The funds MNWWN collects will be used to host in-person and online events, activities, workshops, demonstrations, tours, gatherings, and more.

Learn more about MNWWN and to find a local network, visit MNWWN’s website.

Photo Credits: MN DNR and Barb Spears

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Minnesota Women's Woodland Network


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FBO: Minnesota Women's Woodland Network 1111 Cloquet Ave #7
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