Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented, Restorative-Focused -- We Are Making Minnesota the Peacebuilding Power State!

When terrible things happen, our peace is stolen from us.  We want to build peace back into our lives and communities.  

Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented, Restorative-Focused, we are Making Minnesota the Peacebuilding Power State!

Since 2010, the Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute (aka Peacebuilding) has provided evidence-based community-education trainings to transform psychological trauma into nonviolent power with positive, productive alternatives to revenge.

100% of our graduates report increased confidence to address psychological trauma, break cycles of violence, and build resilience within their spheres of influence.
31% of our graduates are persons of color and 80% are women.  Since 2010, we have provided over $75,000 in scholarship assistance to 51% of our 1000+ graduates.  
We need your financial assistance for this generosity to continue!

Our Peacebuilding trainings include:
+ the 4 ½ day Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience – The STAR Training , with a 15-year reputation of national and international success.
STAR-Lite: Learning strategies for trauma awareness and resilience in a single day 
Restorative Justice 101: Training for Practice in Everyday Life
Resilience 101: Training for Practice in Everyday Life
+ Community Racial Justice: Exploring Reparations, Restoration, and Reconciliation Together
+ Talking Circles 101: Training for Practice in Everyday Life

Mental health professions, nurses, teachers, and attorneys can earn professional continuing education credits at our trainings.

Since 2015, STAR-Lite has been sponsored by organizations and community groups such as:
+ Catalyst Initiative of the George Family Foundation
+ University of Minnesota’s Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC) in North Minneapolis
+ Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota homeless youth programs
+ Restorative Justice Community Action and the City of Minneapolis
+ Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs
+ St. Catherine University’s Graduate Nursing Program
+ Alexandra House domestic violence shelter
+ Horizon Homes Inc, Mankato, MN

In early 2017, STAR-Lite is being sponsored by:
+ Minnesota Visiting Nurses Association
+ Hennepin County Medical Center
+ Angela Dickey, LLC, Retired US Foreign Diplomat in Washington DC
+ Hesston College, Hesston, Kansas
+ Your favorite organization?

Since January 2013 Peacebuilding has sponsored the free monthly MN Peacebuilding Film Series, showing inspiring thought-provoking films to instigate building peace in all forms within our spheres of influence in Minnesota.  See the next film at www.mnpeacefilm.eventbrite.com. Thanks to the Birchwood Cafe for providing their community room for this monthly event!  Everyone is welcome.  We hope you join us.  

Since 2014, we are pleased that nationally known LUNA Bars, creator of LUNAFEST, has selected us to host an evening of nine internationally curated short films by, for, about women to raise funds for Peacebuilding Training Scholarships.  

LUNAFEST: Minneapolis (www.lunafest.org/minneapolis0426) on Wednesday April 26, 2017 at the Riverview Theater. 
LUNAFEST: Saint Paul (www.lunafest.org/saintpaul0512) on Friday May 12, 2017 at the Film Space at Metropolitan State University

Come join 1000+ LUNAFEST attendees for an evening of fun Making Minnesota the Peace

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