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MINNESOTA PARENT UNION serves as a gathering space for community conversations and a megaphone for community solutions, pursuing a true-partner approach to family engagement by welcoming all ages to experience advocacy first hand. With an eye toward a holistic family advocacy experiences – everyone from babies to elders – the Minnesota Parent Union model exemplifies family engagement. With a collective voice, parents and students alike, create action plans to improve children’s chances of living their potential today.

MNPU Mission

MINNESOTA PARENT UNION a family-powered education alliance

The goal is simple: more children learning all the time and in good schools every day; more good schools everywhere. Enrolling and supporting more children attending good schools, until all children are learning to read from quality preschools, and graduating from middle- and high- schools. We do it with help from around the state — parents, aunts, granddads, teachers, students, and funding partners who step up to care about children’s and families’ stake in educational equity.

Help make sure parent voices are at the table, and our children receive quality education. 

Learn more about us here: https://www.mprnews.org/story/2021/03/17/mn-parent-union-seeks-to-empower-students-and-families

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