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The Minnesota Multifaith Network (MnMN) is a state-wide network that gathers the energy and passion of people of faith, amplifying our efforts leading to equity, justice, compassion, understanding, and empathy.

Formed on the belief that together we can do more, we continue to weave connections among the organizations and people who are already working toward these goals. We are multifaith, relationship driven, justice and anti-racism focused, invitational, collaborative, and generative. We seek to amplify existing work and to catalyze new efforts.

Many Traditions, One Community

“The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but it is really fear.” -Gandhi

Our approach is critical: In the early morning silence of the summer of 2017, an explosive device shattered a window and shook the walls of Dar Al Farooq Mosque in Bloomington. Those who created the device later admitted that they intended to scare and intimidate Muslims.

What they intended for evil became an opportunity for good. The mosque’s imam called a friend, who made some calls to others who also made some calls. Within a few hours 100 interfaith leaders held a press conference to stand in solidarity against hate and violence. Three days later, 1,000 people gathered in the field behind the mosque to send a similar message.

Our vision is bold: Did you know that trees connect with one another, even across species, using an underground network of fungal “threads.” This underground network helps trees exchange nutrients based on individual tree needs, aid injured or diseased trees, nurture saplings, and can even help regenerate forests that have been destroyed.

Like this “tree network”, MnMN will connect individual faith leaders and communities to needed resources; support new and existing efforts, and help rebuild and repair challenges facing communities. 

Your investment is necessary: Imagine an intuitive, interactive website that serves as a hub---collecting and distributing resources, connections, workshops and more. Imagine an annual convention where we come together to network and learn. We greet old friends, make new ones, and get re-inspired to continue the work especially when our vision feels unreachable and we forget that we are not alone.

With your support, we will invest in a robust on-line presence to strengthen connections among constituents enabling connections, providing information, and supporting the work of our colleagues.

Find out more about MnMN at our website. There you will find videos, articles and book recommendations as well as opportunities to get involved or connect with others who share your passion and interests. Visit us today and network and connect with the MN Multifaith Network. You will be glad you did!

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