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The Minnesota Multifaith Network (MnMN) is a state-wide network that gathers the energy and passion of people of faith, amplifying our efforts leading to equity, justice, compassion, understanding and empathy.

Formed on the belief that together we can do more, we continue to weave connections among the organizations and individuals who are already working toward these goals. We are multifaith, relationship driven, justice and anti-racism focused, invitational, collaborative, and generative. We seek to amplify existing work and to catalyze new efforts.

Many Traditions, One Community

We are live! In 2020, an active group of board members and volunteers came together to begin the work of the Minnesota Multifaith Network. With your financial assistance, we are poised to become the key place for connecting and promoting the work of interfaith, justice-oriented organizations and individuals throughout the state. We will not just connect and promote, but also do the work of interfaith cooperation, anti-racism transformation, and justice. We will do it primarily by communicating and convening.

Communicate: With your support, we will develop communications and data management strategies to provide a robust online presence for MnMN and strengthen connections between those in our network. This work requires professional communications and technology help.

Convene: With your help, we will ramp up our ability to convene, support collective action, and equip leaders. These efforts will result in:

  1. Holding an annual conference 
  2. Expanding Network mapping
  3. Expanding the capabilities of our website
  4. Training
  5. Expanding the Greater Minnesota Interfaith Leaders group
  6. Promoting our Multifaith Speakers Network to reach schools

This year, thanks to the financial support of individuals and one family foundation, and a lot of volunteer help, MnMN has been able to provide the following:

  1. Mnmultifaith.org website, regular newsletters, and social media presence
  2. A growing directory and digital map of faith organizations across the state
  3. The Minnesota Multifaith Speakers Network
  4. Monthly convening of Greater MN interfaith leaders
  5. Three convenings inspired by MnMN members
  6. A working interim board and recruitment of 11 new board members from a variety of faith traditions to join January 1, 2021
  7. A new membership structure to increase network development and promote events on key topics

Find out more about MnMN at our website. There you will find videos, articles and book recommendations as well as opportunities to get involved or connect with others who share your passion and interests. Visit us today and network and connect with the MN Multifaith Network. You will be glad you did!

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