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The Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies is accredited and a member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America located in Golden Valley, Minnesota. 

Our mission is to improve infant health outcomes by ensuring that medically vulnerable babies —in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest—have access to safely pasteurized life-giving  donor human milk when mother’s milk is unavailable or in low supply.

***Join us to Fund-A-Need***

We are building capacity in our first full year of operation. Matching funds are available from two generous donors for up to $11,000 through Nov. 19th! Double your donation by giving now to help the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies continue to grow and serve all of our babies in our region.  Minnesota has the highest breastfeeding initiation rate in the country according to the CDC Breastfeeding Report Card with many generous moms who would like to share their extra milk with babies in need. More equipment is needed to keep up with milk donations and to be able to supply all of the hospitals in Minnesota and surrounding states with donor milk. 

$50,000 could provide a SteriFeed  pasteurizer.
Pasteurizing donated milk ensures that the milk is safe to give to babies in need. Having a SteriFeed would enable us to increase production and keep up with the supply of milk that our generous donors continue to give.

$6,000 could provide a pneumatic capper and a second dishwasher.  More milk being produced leads to more bottles that need to be capped and dishware that needs to be washed.

$750 would sponsor a Milk Depot.
Milk Depots are community-based sites where mothers can drop-off their extra breastmilk. Each depot needs a chest freezer to keep donor milk frozen until it's transported to the milk bank.

$150 supports a milk donor screening. Covers the cost of one donor to be fully screened and approved to donate milk.

$100 covers the cost to purchase 100 bottles for pasteurization of donated milk.

$50 would supports the cost of testing donor milk. 

In addition to fundraising, Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies continues to educate the medical community and families about importance and benefits of using donor milk. 

Presently, there are twenty-four milk depot collection sites, and we are excitedly anticipating more to open around the state.  Your support will help to make it easier for those would like to donate milk in greater Minnesota.

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