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 The Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation has been rescuing equines and other animals in need since 1994. That means in 2024 we are celebrating THIRTY years of this important work! We work in conjunction with law enforcement departments around the entire state to take in horses and other hooved (and pawed and winged) animals that have been seized in humane cases.                             

Every animal that comes to MHARF receives all of the veterinary and farrier care it needs. That care includes not only vaccinations, parasite testing and treatment, coggins testing, and dental work, but also when needed: bloodwork, radiographs, pregnancy checks, castrations (including cryptorchid surgery), umbilical and abdominal hernia repair, healthy-foal checks, emergency and in-hospital care, ultrasounds, lameness evaluations, corrective trimming and shoeing, and sadly, in some cases, euthanasia.  Add all of these expenses to the cost of hay, grain, supplements, and bedding required for rehabilitating injured and malnourished horses, and you can see why we may be needing some extra help coming into the winter months.  

 MHARF has taken in over 3,000 horses, ponies, mules, donkeys, and other hooved (and even non-hooved) animals in need since its founding in 1994. The majority of our animals come through humane cases in which they have been seized by law enforcement. When space permits, we also accept surrendered and donated horses from individuals who can no longer keep them for various reasons. We have a number of trainers we hire to do training assessments and also to continue with training for horses that require a “refresher” course. 

 We also provide resources and advice to people struggling with issues related to owning and caring for equines, assist law enforcement in making recommendations to help people improve care for their animals, and work to educate the public on equine welfare, including responsible ownership and care, responsible breeding practices, and making humane end-of-life decisions for their animals. 

Rescuing, rehabilitating, retraining and re-homing horses is expensive. MHARF receives no government assistance and relies on donations and fundraisers to make this work possible. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. Our greatest expenses are veterinary and farrier care, hay, bedding, and grain. Transport and training are also large expenses. Please consider making a donation today. We absolutely could not do this work without the help of our amazing supporters, donors, foster homes, volunteers and adoptive homes! If you prefer not to make an online donation, checks can be mailed to MHARF, PO Box 47, Zimmerman, MN 55398. Please visit mnhoovedanimalrescue.org for photos and information on the equines currently in the MHARF program. Thank you so much!

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