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Our mission is to improve -- and today just help sustain -- organizations, communities, and individuals throughout Minnesota and the Dakotas. Help us sustain our mission of helping others sustain theirs.

When COVID-19 arrived in the United States, it instantaneously changed everything.  Organizations of all sizes and types -- businesses, hospitals and nursing homes, schools, nonprofit and governmental agencies -- are now struggling to survive.  Communities are are dealing with unemployment, food shortages, social and economic inequities.  Leaders and individuals themselves are dealing with loss, anxiety, uncertainty, and extreme levels of stress. 

The Performance Excellence Network (PEN), legally the MN Council for Quality, facilitates continuous improvement in the region.  We help organizations, communities, and individuals improve outcomes and achieve higher levels of excellence.  Today, we're helping organizations, communities, and individuals just survive and sustain.  As we all try to navigate through this crisis, PEN's mission and resources are more relevant than ever.

PEN conducts assessments to identify and prioritize what to improve.  Today, our evidence-based, diagnostic assessments are more important than ever, as organizations and communities have severely constrained resources and need to focus on what's truly important and what can advance their missions and sustain their operations.

PEN also convenes a variety of forums -- webinars, workshops, roundtables, conferences -- that bring leaders, professionals, and experts together to share and learn best practices that improve -- or sustain -- results.  Today, since no one really knows what tomorrow will bring, we could all stand to learn from each other in navigating these tough times.  

The road ahead will be long and challenging.  Help us sustain our mission of helping others sustain theirs.  Thank you for your support.

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