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Founded in 2014, the Minnesota Chill Foundation recognizes education as the key factor in the development of Minnesota’s youth. We strive to close education and opportunity gaps for children of color with our academic, health and wellness, and athletic programming.  


Our Foundation’s mission is: To provide academic programming for the purpose of educating student scholars for future success. 


Since 2011, we have served the youths and their families through Minnesota CHILL Basketball in Hennepin County and Ramsey Counties. The Minnesota CHILL Foundation programs also serve in the St. Paul Rondo and Promise Neighborhoods of Ramsey County. Representative of their communities, our participants, staff and board members are predominately persons of color. Over time, our programs have grown to include youths, from kindergarten through high school. 

The Minnesota CHILL Foundation serves as a community-based resource center. We help address inequities and disparities in the community and address unmet needs by connecting families to direct services and referrals to services to food and economic assistance. The Minnesota CHILL Foundation offers three programs to youths and their families: 


Minnesota Chill Academy: Will be a nine month program that provides rigorous academic curriculum for youth scholars, kindergarten through 8th grade, to prepare them for success. Services include: 

● After-school academic support and tutoring. 

● Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) focused activities. 

● Utilizes a value-based mindset to facilitate community building and repair of harm circles. 

● Parent CHILL Nights to build community with other families, hear their stories/concerns, and allow CHILL Academy to understand and meet the needs of our students, families and/or guardians through the Restorative Practices Circle Process. 

● CHILL Academy’s theme of community align with the Seven Kwanzaa principles, which will be incorporated into each month’s curriculum. The CHILL sessions will, with intention, show how 

that month’s principle relates to other principles and emphasize how our world is interconnected. 


Minnesota Chill Fitness for Kids: Provides youth, kindergarten through high school with activities that develop long and short-term improvements for a healthier lifestyle. Services include: 

● Fitness programing 

● Safe warm-up 

● Team building and sports training activities 

● Positive sportsmanship 

● Healthy behaviors coaching (tobacco use prevention, healthy choices) 

● Nutrition education 

● Provides nutritious meals and snacks 

● Connection to services to address food insecurity 

● Developing and attaining fitness/health goals 

● Health and Wellness Fair that connects families to multicultural resources and opportunities in the community

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