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The MN RC&D Association partners with Local Councils to strengthen RC&D efforts, conserve natural resources, and improve rural communities.

Local People Solving Local Problems

Local people know what is best for their communities. That is the core premise of the RC&D Program, and the key to its success. Each RC&D Council is made up of local volunteer board members who know their communities well. These volunteers are driven by a passion to serve. They identify the challenges their communities are facing, forge partnerships to take on those challenges… and work hard to resolve them. 

RC&D Councils are not governmental entities, so the typical constraints of government bureaucracies do not limit the types of issues they address, or the means they use. Within their respective areas (typically covering 5-11 counties), RC&D Councils have a high degree of independence to carry out activities that will achieve their most important local goals. RC&D Council members are frequently involved in multiple roles in local government, school boards, churches, and other civic organizations. At RC&D Council meetings, they draw from their professional expertise and community connections to determine the needs of their RC&D area, address those needs, and make their communities better places to live, work, and play.

The Minnesota Association of Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) strives to make each of the ten local RC&D areas and councils successful nonprofits. 

The critical issues being addressed by the Minnesota Association of RC&D Councils are:

Leadership - Demonstrate and share positive examples of non-profit leadership through actions, training, and through example.

Funding - Strive to maintain and increase traditional funding sources, and seek out additional funds for projects of statewide concern to be delivered locally.

Marketing/Education - Work toward a heightened awareness of the RC&D program statewide and assist Councils in their marketing/education efforts. 

RC&D Program Support - Create and nurture positive relationships with political and agency leaders to enhance the RC&D program, budget, and image

Networking – Provide opportunities to network within the RC&D community through state, regional and national meetings, and also with other entities sharing common objectives.

Statewide Projects – Develop and work to implement statewide projects, particularly to improve natural resources and for energy conservation or development.  Projects may be for funding on-the-ground conservation or educational in nature.

With your support, the Minnesota Association of RC&D Councils can continue to build a strong statewide effort of community improvement through protecting our natural resources, creating environmentally friendly businesses and jobs, and striving to add value to the rich resources available throughout the State.

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