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To promote and advocate economic prosperity on behalf of American Indian businesses, organizations, professionals, and tribal enterprises.

Make an impact by supporting the Native American Business Community!

It's a good day when you can invest $200,000, get $600,000 in return, and be allowed to keep all $800,000. That's exactly how our NDN-PTAC is funded; and, in return, we operate a program that supports the Native American Business Community. That's an $800,000 total budget we use to make a real impact. But, in order to receive our $600,000 in federal funding, the NDN-PTAC must contribute $200,000 in matching funds.  With your help, we can continue strengthening our communities through the economic success of the businesses we serve.

The Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce (MAICC), in partnership with United South and Eastern Tribes (USET), is kicking off their "Many Hands" Fundraising Campaign.  It is our goal to raise the much needed funds to support our "Buy Indian" programs . . . specifically, our NDN-PTAC--a federally-funded program designed to provide technical assistance to American Indian owned businesses and assist them in acquiring Federal, State, Local and Tribal Government Contracts.

Our fundraising goal is $75,000, and our target date to raise these funds is December 31st, 2016.

We need your help to continue on our path of success. Last year alone, we assisted 126 Indian owned businesses, and helped them secure 75 government contracts--totaling more than $89 million in business! For every $1 we spent providing technical assistance, we delivered over $10 in contract revenue. That's a 10 times return on investment!

This year, with your support, we will do even better! Just think, for every $1 we use to support our NDN-PTAC, the Federal Government will give us an additional $3. Any contribution you make could be multiplied by 4 times what you actually give!

The good news? We're strengthening communities through economic success. Both the American Indian business community and Tribal communities within the Midwest and Eastern BIA Regions. Our offices in St Paul, Minnesota, and Nashville, Tennessee, support all Tribes and Indian owned businesses from Maine to Minnesota, East Texas to Florida, and all areas in-between. To learn more about our NDN-PTAC and the valuable services we provide, visit our website at: www.NDN-PTAC.org.

We need your help... "Many Hands" make lighter work, and "Many Hands" working together build stronger communities.

Throughout our service territory there are many Indian businesses, many Indian communities, and many, many hands. If each hand made just one contribution, we would easily reach our goal and have the valuable resources necessary to build an even stronger Native American Business Community.

The business landscape is our new hunting ground, and successful Indian businesses have become the providers for their communities--the hunters, gatherers, and farmers that can revitalize these communities and help restore a sense of purpose and pride within each member of that community.

Please consider a donation of any size that can be used to strengthen Native American businesses and the communities where they reside.

Many thanks to many helping hands.

MAICC - The Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce
USET - The Unites South & Eastern Tribes

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