The Minnesota Academy of Science is a statewide organization whose mission is to recognize, promote, and influence excellence in science.

By 2018, an estimated 188,000 STEM-related jobs will need to be filled in Minnesota. Demand in the U.S. for scientists and engineers over the next decade is expected to increase at four times the rate of other occupations. Increasingly this workforce needs to know how to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams, which is hard to learn in a classroom. The students who participate in the non-profit programs of the Minnesota Academy of Science (MAS) not only learn to analyze, reason and communicate effectively, but often pose, interpret and solve problems in collaboration with teammates and mentors. 

“I know that quality work takes time, effort, patience, intelligence, and passion. For me, science fair is a sport for which you train by researching, you apply by conducting the experiment, and you perform by participating in the Fair. When you walk into the exhibit hall for judging, you can feel the energy, the nerves, and the hunger for knowledge about science.” — Preethi Kaliappan, eight-year Science Fair participant 

"In preparation for Science Bowl, I have grown closer to my teammates. We have learned to identify and play to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I look forward to continuing to strengthen my passion for math and science in collaboration with a team." — Meghana Iyer, Science Bowl


How Does Minnesota Academy of Science Make an Impact?

The opportunities provided by MAS and its advisors, judges and donors prepare thousands of Minnesota students of all ages for stronger futures as college students, employees and scientific leaders. MAS programs include the State Science & Engineering Fair, Junior Science & Humanities Symposium, High School and Middle School Science Bowls, High School STEM Communicator Award for research papers, and the Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium. 

  • "As a person who emigrated to the United States from Korea, I had disadvantages in the language of English. But with Science Bowl, I have improved significantly on using correct scientific terms and listening to them at a faster pace, just like how scientists and professional researchers would.” — Matthew Jeon, middle school
  • "Because of the nature of my research, I didn’t have any publications, not even an “nth author” publication at the time of applying to grad schools. This could have put me in a rough position. I’m happy to say that, probably because of the Winchell, I was able to be accepted to schools like Caltech and Princeton. Soon I start as a PhD student in the Electrical Engineering Department at Princeton!" — Christopher Phenicie
  • "Getting to converse with a high-ranking worker of Medtronic was a very humbling experience and has helped me see my interest in one day becoming a biomedical engineer. An occupation I hadn’t thought of before. I hope your funding can continue, to help spark the imaginations of thousands of students to solve problems in innovative ways. I can guarantee that this program makes a difference for students." — Charles Osugo, middle school, first-time Science Fair participant
  • "It was participating in science fair from 8th grade up that truly sparked my interest in research in the scientific field." Bethany Rosemore, MAS program alum, was a six-time entrant into the MAS Fair and was a finalist at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. After embarking on her college education, in addition to studying sharks in a tank off the coast of Africa and working to save penguins, she returned to her Cloquet Middle School alma mater in 2016 to mentor two middle school students.

How Can You Help?

The Minnesota Academy of Science is a small non-profit organization, operating since 1873. We cannot do this work without the donations of individuals like you who want to nurture collaborative learning skills. We need your help to give young people the inspiration for lifelong learning in the sciences — and to invest in their futures as innovators, leaders and policymakers.

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