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We live in a world where most people don't understand life with a disability. I love being part of the MBS community, sharing a common awareness, and practicing together.  MBS has made a huge impact on my life and sense of well-being, and I'm sure many others would say the same. Connecting with MBS has truly been a gift and the silver lining in this crazy pandemic world.  ~  Patricia, MBS Adaptive Student

We at Mind Body Solutions are experts at adapting yoga poses -- and, thankfully, to unexpected global events, too! When the pandemic hit, we swiftly learned to provide our services entirely online. Now, folks like Patricia are finding relief through the life-affirming practices we share in our virtual community. 

From our sturdy MN roots, we extend our reach to people around the world who are living with trauma, loss, and disability. Through online yoga classes, unique workshops for our students, and forthcoming video content, we are helping to provide hope, new ways of healing, and a sense of connection for people near and far. 

Your tax-deductible gift helps us continue this work. Together, we can provide the healing gifts of yoga and the "silver lining" of a nourishing community. 

Thank you! 

Visit our website to learn more. 

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