Midwest Food Connection

Raising Spring Greens

At Midwest Food Connection, we excite children about healthy foods through storytelling, drama, art, gardening, and cooking. The truth is, we are troubled by the state of health in this country. One in five school-aged children is obese and fewer than twenty percent of adolescents eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables daily. In response, we provide the knowledge, positive experiences, and tools to empower young people to make healthy decisions. Our students come home asking their families for cilantro, peppers, leeks, and beets. “The parents of our kids say they want to grow tomatoes,” one classroom teacher told us, “They never want tomatoes!

All children should have access to food education, yet the needs and demands of schools, most of whom have limited resources for education in healthy eating, far outweigh our current capacity. As we teach kids how to start their own seedlings this spring, we dream of reaching more children -- particularly underserved children disproportionately affected by health problems. 

Elementary students receive an average of just 3.4 hours of food and nutrition education a year. Yet families who suffer from poor diets ask for food and nutrition classes as a solution. We are answering the call. Help us raise the greens. Join us by making a monetary contribution in any amount and be a part of the movement to teach the next generation how to care for themselves, for the land, and for each other. We are grateful to count you as friend and donor.

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