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Our mission is to work collectively to build strong stable communities by leveraging resources for the development of people and places.

Who We Are: The Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD) is a 49-member association committed to increasing opportunities for development of quality, community-based projects through collaborative action on public policy issues, loan fund development, public education efforts, and long-term strategic planning.  Through these efforts, we have been able to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiencies gained by a shared vision and cooperation.

In addition to being the advocate for nonprofit developers, MCCD is also a "micro" lender. Working closely with our members, MCCD staff are able to compliment the work of members, while also filling in the geographic gaps between members.  Since beginning lending in 1989, MCCD has invested over $6 million to more than 500 entrepreneurs. 

Our mission is to: “work collectively to build strong, stable communities by leveraging resources for the development of people and places.”  Our goals are to:  1) increase popular, political, business, and financial support for community-based housing and small business development organizations; 2) create access to loan capital and technical assistance for emerging entrepreneurs; and 3) increase the effectiveness of community-based development through coordination, collaboration, and capacity building activities.


Our Programs:

Convening.  MCCD acts as a convener for our members.  This is accomplished through monthly meetings of our Housing Committee, Economic Development Committee, and St. Paul Task Force.  Agendas for each reflect the focus of the participating members.  Meetings typically involve guest presenters on topics of relevance, strategy sessions related to common concerns, or general updating and sharing among the attendees. On at least an annual basis, staff from the City of Minneapolis’ Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED), City of St. Paul’s Planning and Economic Development (PED), the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA), the Family Housing Fund, and Hennepin County among others, would be invited. 


Public Policy.  With the combined expertise of the leading community development organizations, MCCD has become a recognized and respected voice on housing, small business development, and inner-city commercial development.  Through the work of our standing committees, MCCD shapes an annual policy platform and legislative agenda that is formally adopted by the board of directors.  These documents provide direction to staff as to items MCCD takes the lead on, those that we support others, and those that we monitor.  Aside from the adopted positions, MCCD responds frequently to new program proposals, changes in policy or procedures, and funding changes at the local, state and federal levels.


Emerging Small Business Program.  MCCD’s small business program provides capital access for emerging entrepreneurs who are unable to fully access the commercial banking system.  Working directly with entrepreneurs or through our members, our core constituencies include minority, low income and new arrival business owners who may lack sufficient personal resources and/or credit histories to qualify them for bank loans.  Without our services, many of these entrepreneurs would be forced to operate outside the economic mainstream.  MCCD can be the first step to establishing a credit history and credit worthiness that eventually can make them “bankable.”



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