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Autism affects one in 68 children. Your gifts help remove barriers by connecting families with community-based interventions and services.

Autism now affects one in 68 children. With varying symptoms developing in early childhood (usually before age 3), all Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD's) affect a child’s ability to communicate and interact with others; meaningful relationships, employment, and independent living are lifelong challenges for these individuals.

Since 2005, Metro Friendship Foundation (MFF) has been breaking down barriers for families needing social skills and community-based therapies for their children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The financial investments needed for successful interventions and training is prohibitive to many families and not covered by most insurance programs. MFF helps parents access appropriate interventions and services for their children to develop social understanding, learn social skills and to experience social interactions with their peers in a safe environment.

Your gift to Metro Friendship Foundation will help provide social skills education and other therapies, helping to ensure that children and young adults with autism receive the training they need to not be left behind in life.

Jill Filek-Kendall (Parent)
My son Connor has benefited greatly from the scholarship he received to attend social skills training at West Metro Learning Connections. By receiving this grant, he has been able to continue to work on the friendships and connections he made with peers and staff last summer. Connor is unable to attend "regular" sleepovers with his peers, as he needs adult supervision. When attending WMLC's sleepovers, he is able to "fit in" like his peers! Without this scholarship, Connor wouldn't have had the opportunity to attend any of West Metro's therapeutic events. I am in deep gratitude for the program, It is my hope the program will continue to benefit other families in need.

Jody Harmon (Parent)
We have been so blessed to receive scholarships for Monroe's West Metro Learning Connections program. Monroe has made great strides in his social skills; his eye contact, self help skills, and conversation skills have dramatically improved. When he comes out of class, he is full of smiles and enjoys telling me bits and pieces of what went on that day.

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