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The Sustainable Landcare Training program provides hands-on earn and learn training opportunities to a new generation of skilled workers in green infrastructure, focusing on education and career pathways for participants post training. While there is a growing interest in green infrastructure across the Twin Cities Metro and much of greater Minnesota, there is a lack of education and training opportunities related to the installation and ongoing care of these practices that create resilience in our environment and our communities.

Communities of color are severely underrepresented in the green workforce. Our training targets youth and young adults in communities that lack access to quality training programs, in partnership with local governments, youth employment organizations and community organizations. 

Many from these communities don't have the luxury of participating in an unpaid training program, or the ability to purchase their own tools and equipment. We always need to be ready to meet candidates where they are and help them overcome barriers. Quality outdoor work gear - the right boots or clothing, for example - are a necessary tool in getting started, but often are not covered in employment training programs. We want to be sure all our participants are ready during training and after the program is complete to pursue a next step job or education. 

Join us in providing access to these living-wage jobs for people who live and work in our communities. 

Our goal is to raise $7,000 so that a group of 20 apprentices can complete the training program and be connected with next step career and education opportunities.

 - A gift of $220 pays for an apprentice's stipend to participate in the training

 - $100 pays for a new pair of work boots

 - $30 covers education materials like weed ID books for a new apprentice

Your support helps someone take a first step towards a career in environmental stewardship. Please partner with us to support our community and share your commitment with others

Check out short videos from training participants:

More about Metro Blooms:

Metro Blooms partners with communities to create resilient landscapes and foster clean watersheds, embracing the values of equity and inclusion to solve environmental challenges. 

A bit more about us: Metro Blooms  helps people take action at their home, whether that’s a house, an apartment building, or a neighborhood, to help clean our lakes and rivers and to support pollinators — making the green spaces in our communities more sustainable, accessible, and beautiful, and ensuring that our work benefits those communities that have suffered disproportionately from environmental harm.

How do we do our work? Through partnership. We partner with residents, community groups, local governments, nonprofits, nurseries and landscapers and volunteer groups to share information and provide resources, technical and physical assistance to create more resilient landscapes and resilient communities, protecting our water resources, creating habitat for wildlife and strengthening social connection through equitable engagement. This includes cost-share programs like the 38th street resilience project that help residents and long-standing small businesses improve their property through plantings, raingardens, trees, and beautiful landscapes. It also includes working with residents in affordable housing communities to redesign their shared outdoor spaces for better health and quality of life. Our partners also support our Blue Thumb workshops to share information and resources for people to learn about and install these practices themselves, including our sustainable landcare training for young adults and entrepreneurs to access career pathways to green infrastructure. 

Just as we strive to ensure our communities are proud of their homes, we have found a new home, our very own building at 3747 Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis, and are striving to create a safe, welcoming, and inspirational space. It is just blocks from the community center where we were based for many years. Our new home will allow us to deepen our roots and to continue to grow our mission.

We are reaching more people and communities than ever before. The work to protect Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and pollinators, creating resilient landscapes that are responsive to our communities  starts with each of us. Your contribution helps us all get there together. 

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