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One in five people will experience a mental health concern in their lifetime. Many will never get the care they need. Others will struggle to find the right treatment and services to help them recover.

We’re here to help people across Minnesota when they need it, with services that are anonymous, confidential and free of charge.

Nearly one year ago, the U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory to highlight the urgent need to address the nation’s youth mental health crisis. We see the urgent need in our data. Mental health screenings through our website have increased more than 600% for youth and young adults. More than two-thirds of our 35,000+ online screenings this year will come from those under the age of 24. Many are reporting thoughts of suicide or self-harm, and only half are receiving mental health treatment.

So, in 2022, we have worked to expand the services and outreach we provide to youth and young adults. 

Mental Health Minnesota started a new service to provide peer support to teens and young adults. The service, called "We Can RELATE", is staffed by young adults who have also struggled with their mental heath and are sharing their experience to help others.

We started a campaign called "I'm Here to Listen", which provides stickers and posters for teachers and staff in our schools to put up to let students know that they are there if they need someone to talk to.

We also added tools and resources to our website to help students manage their mental health, and expanded our online and text options to help them connect to others.

Finally, we are working to provide our "You Are..." magnets to schools. The "You Are..." magnets are small magnets with positive messages...saying "You Are...Strong/Resilient/Brave/Loved/Enough". We started giving away the magnets at conference booths, and were inspired to get them into schools after this recent email from a Minnesota teacher:

"I had a student today who was reluctant to take  home his work. 'My family doesn't care what I do at school.' I gave him your magnet that says "You are Enough." I asked him to pick one assignment and hang it on his fridge with the magnet. His face lit up. He chose one assignment and it went home with your magnet."

Your support makes all of this possible. Thank you!!

Our Mission and Vision

Mental Health Minnesota is the voice of lived mental health experience.

We carry that declaration forward as we work to advance mental health and well-being for all, increase access to mental health treatment and services, and provide education, resources and support across Minnesota.

Our vision is a world free from stigma that improves mental health and well-being for all.

About Mental Health Minnesota

Mental Health Minnesota was founded in 1939, and was the state’s first mental health advocacy and education organization, celebrating its 80th year in 2019. We are a non-profit and non-partisan organization, and an affiliate of Mental Health America.

We work to help people in their journey toward mental health recovery and wellness through direct service, public policy, education and outreach.

We work to promote a #B4Stage4 approach to mental health, which includes prevention, early recognition of symptoms, access to treatment as needed, and ongoing support, with a goal of recovery for all.

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