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One in five people will experience a mental health concern in their lifetime. Many will never get the care they need. Others will struggle to find the right treatment and services to help them recover.

We’re here to help people across Minnesota when they need it. And the need has never been greater, as people experience unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety, depression and loss related to COVID-19.

Our Minnesota Warmline provides people across Minnesota with an opportunity to connect with others, find support, and reduce social isolation in a peer-to-peer environment before they reach a point of crisis. Many people living with mental illness are struggling, as other services they depend on to stay well have been unavailable through much of 2020, and one in four of our callers of our 11,000+ callers so far in 2020 say that they would go to an emergency room or call EMS/crisis if they couldn't reach us.

Our online screening tool is an easy, anonymous and confidential way for people to screen for many common mental health conditions. The number of screenings has increased exponentially in recent months. In October, nearly 2,400 people completed our mental health screenings, an increase of more than 500% over March of this year.

Our Mental Health Helpline connects people with information, resources and referrals that can help them get the support and treatment they need. The Helpline takes hundreds of calls and online chats each year from across the state, and use of it has more than doubled over 2019.

833-HERE4MN is a new service we started in 2020 in collaboration with the Minnesota Psychological Association, Minnesota Psychiatric Society, and Minnesota Association of Black Psychologists. Open daily 9AM to 9PM and staffed by volunteer mental health providers, it provides free and anonymous mental health support to health care workers, teachers, essential workers and so many others who are dealing with extreme stress related to the pandemic. 

The services and support we offer to people in Minnesota has never been in greater demand. The holidays are the busiest time for many of our programs, as more people reach out for help and connections with others. 

Your support will help the Minnesota Warmline, Mental Health Helpline and other programs connect with more people across Minnesota, and ensure they have access to the help and resources they need.

About Mental Health Minnesota

Mental Health Minnesota was founded in 1939, and was the state’s first mental health advocacy and education organization, celebrating its 80th year in 2019. We are a non-profit and non-partisan organization, and an affiliate of Mental Health America.

We work to help people in their journey toward mental health recovery and wellness through direct service, public policy, education and outreach.

Our mission is to enhance mental health, promote individual empowerment, and increase access to treatment and services for persons living with a mental illness.  Our vision is improved lives for those living with a mental illness. 

We work to promote a #B4Stage4 approach to mental health, which includes prevention, early recognition of symptoms, access to treatment as needed, and ongoing support, with a goal of recovery for all.

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