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MATTOO (pronounced |matˈtoō|), established in 2010,  is an international organization that uses the empowerment of boys and men to stop the threat of human sex trafficking by showing the direct correlation between the demand in the sex trade industry and the supply of humans through trafficking.

MATTOO is the first of its kind nonprofit (501c3) that exists to exclusively decrease the demand of human sex trafficking.

MATTOO's core belief: no buyers equals no sellers, no sellers equals no victims. Or simply put: no buyers = no victims.

Our Vision: To elevate the international male consciousness concerning the innate human value and dignity, in all forms, by exposing the human sex trafficking industry.

Our Mission: Through the use of media and an educational distribution strategy directed at males, MATTOO exposes the reality of human sex trafficking, starting with the human sex trade industry.

As long as there is a market for sexual exploitation, trafficking as an industry will always exist.  This is where MATTOO comes in. Our goal is to create a global movement of men who recognize and speak out about the atrocities of human trafficking. In so doing, we will stigmatize the buying and selling of human beings.

How will these funds be used?

MATTOO has completed the "MATTOO Educational Program" (MEP) that will be distributed to boys and men in schools, universities, community- and faith-based groups around the globe and now is taking a significant step to amplify and accelerate our work farther by bringing on a full-time CEO.

As such, we need to raise $3,500 / month for our CEO and additional funds to distribute MATTOO's Education Program (MEP), train trainers, and bring the MEP to our 5 initial target countries (US, Philippines, Romania, Spain and UK).

Please consider supporting us financially. No matter the amount, it will make a big difference.


On behalf of many – Thank you.


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