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Thank you for ensuring that the Meeker County Museum can continue to share and preserve the stories of your local history.

The Post with its Founding MembersThe Meeker County Museum at the G.A.R. Hall has been sharing stories of Meeker County since 1885. The year that our building, the Frank Daggett Post No. 35, was constructed to serve as a meeting place for Union veterans of the American Civil War. The Post has been under the care of the Meeker County Museum since 1960, and is used today to educate the public on the Civil War, the US Dakota War, and about the veterans and citizens who contributed to the development of their community.

Our organization works hard to create unique and captivating displays for visitors to enjoy. The goal for our exhibits is to "activate all the senses;" allowing visitors to see, touch, hear, and interact with our displays. We hope to give something that guests can take with them after visiting our building. Whether it be an interesting fact, intriguing story, or captivating image. Something that a longtime local or visiting tourist can keep in their heads and share with their friends.

We also host events and programs that will be of interest to our membership, but also bring in a new crowd of future history-enthusiast's. After the Post finished construction, it's original caretakers made it clear that the building would be open to all. Regardless of military background. The Meeker County Museum hopes to keep that reputation by ensuring that our events are historical, but maybe also fun and somewhat "nontraditional."  

The Mission of the Meeker County Museum at the G.A.R. Hall is to preserve and share the stories of Meeker County. To do everything we can to preserve the artifacts that so many of you have trusted to our care, to captivate the public with stories of their towns, and to ensure that our building remains an open and welcoming space. This cannot be fully accomplished without the support of our membership and the general public. Please continue assisting us in our mission by becoming a sustaining member or by making a financial donation today.

Thank You!

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