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From Middle School to Professional Engineers
Minnesota MATHCOUNTS, Engineering Alliance Minnesota, Engineering Alliance Foundation Minnesota

From the safety of our roads and bridges to the reliability of our pacemakers and insulin pumps, engineering helps shape the quality of life in Minnesota. Together, the Engineering Alliance Minnesota, its Foundation, and Minnesota MATHCOUNTS are committed to supporting today's Professional Engineers while working to develop a diverse STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) workforce of tomorrow.

Your gift will directly support our work to students' passion through these programs:

Our community includes members of the Engineering Alliance Minnesota, and also a wide range of people who believe in equitable access to STEM careers. Launched in late 2019, your gift will  help continue a multi-year effort focusing on STEM equity.  We are working to bring together individuals, corporations, nonprofits, and educational institutions to make a difference in the future of STEM for all in our community. 

2020 Minnesota MATHCOUNTS scenes - Chapter competitions in February, and Mathletes at home continuing their season in late March.

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