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An award-winning, gap closing school for children in north Minneapolis and beyond -

THE MASTERY SCHOOL, originally a partnership with the Minneapolis Public Schools, is part of The Harvest Network of Schools. Last year we opened our third campus at 4021 Thomas Avenue North, where Mastery School is housed.

The Harvest Network of Schools, a charter management organization based in north Minneapolis, exists to unleash the potential of our scholars and transform the community by using education as a lever for change. Together, our group of high-performing public charter schools in Minneapolis, which include Harvest Preparatory School (K-4), Best Academy (K-8), and The Mastery School (K-5) serve nearly 1,000 predominantly low-income African-American scholars and deliver a world-class education achieving some of the state’s highest math and reading proficiency rates for low-income children, English Language Learners, and children of color. 

Eighty-two percent (82%) of our scholars are living in poverty. One hundred percent (100%) are expected to excel; and overwhelmingly they do. We use proven methods to educate our children to their full potential. All Harvest Network schools use a unique “gap-closing framework” focused on student achievement at the core, supported by quality teaching, a positive school culture, a longer school day and longer school year that results in 35% more class time for students. 

The Mastery School was established in 2012 in partnership with Minneapolis Public Schools and serves K-5 students in single gender classrooms. Schools in our Network have been: 

  • Home to the 2016 Minnesota Teacher of the Year
  • Named Top 5 in the nation for educating Black boys
  • Frequently included on the Star Tribune's Beating the Odds list of schools achieving strong academic results with a high-poverty student body
  • Recognized with the Minnesota Business Partnership's Future Award
  • Profiled by Soledad O'Brien in a CNN Black in America prime time special
Harvest Network of Schools is celebrating 25 years of educational excellence in Minnesota! Over the coming year, The Harvest Network of Schools will celebrate its "25 Years Matter" campaign with yard signs, social media, and print and radio stories about the many accomplishments over the nearly three decades of educating children in north Minneapolis. A community celebration will be held at a future date.

Mastery School is authorized by Pillsbury United Communities (PUC).

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