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Our Scholarship Fund enables couples in a financially difficult situation to attend a Marriage Encounter free of charge. Watch our video and learn more.

Since 1972, Minnesota Marriage Encounter has had a rich tradition of celebrating, enriching and saving marriages in Minnesota and surrounding states, with a low-cost program sustained by free-will or value-based donations. We are a very lean inter-faith organization funded by the tax-deductible donations of attendees.  

Divorce is prevalent in our society; it is evident a husband and wife need help in sustaining a lifetime marriage. The incredible benefits of Marriage Encounter in our communities are: more stable, spiritual, growing and nurturing families. The experience serves the spiritual and emotional needs of a husband and wife by helping them to openly and honestly communicate, without any group sharing, therapy or marriage counseling. A happily married couple are better parents, members of society and employees. Statistics show an intact family contributes to the stable growth of children for generations to come. The future transformation of our world begins at the heart of society – the family and the heart of the family is – the couple!

Marriage Encounter helps build stronger marriages through open and honest communication. 😍 

Following are comments from the twenty-three couples who attended our October weekend to the questions; "Why did you come here?" and "What did you achieve?"

  • “We have been to different counseling sessions with some success. Our marriage was deeply in need of help! This weekend was such a blessing! I really think you just saved another marriage. I cannot wait to share with our kids and our friends. A weekend filled with laughter, pain, tears, joy, forgiveness, and understanding. Powerful ~ powerful weekend for us both. THANK YOU!”

  • “It was so nice getting to know all of you. Letting us in on your personal life helped so much with your stories & experiences. I know we will be better people because of you. Thank you!!”

  • “We attempted to fix things on our own and did counseling,  but this time it really fixed this or head to the attorney's office. I achieved the breakthrough I needed to love my husband again. To feel like I was heard, and I could hear him. Things were revealed that were hidden but could be talked about without anger of judgment.”

  • “We needed help in our marriage. It gave us the tools to take home. To have a stronger marriage and to love one another deeper.”

  • “I feel more optimistic about resolving some of our issues.”

  • "Heard about it through a Christian friend who went through the program and thoroughly enjoyed it. A lot!! It was a safe place to express our feelings and hear each other out. I really think this is a new beginning for us a new door that has opened up.”

  • “My wife and I were able to take away from our busy lives and decompress in a non-threatening environment. We needed to discuss multiple problems we have been having as a couple. But we're getting nowhere on our own. This environment and subject matter gave us some tools to have civil conversations. Not all can be fixed at one time but it’s a start, so thank you!”

  • “It was this or divorce. Self-worth, spouse worth & it’s OK to talk.”

  • “Tough times and some stressful areas of our marriage.” 

  • “We have had significant struggles in our marriage. Began to talk through things more. Have some tools we can use to help with communication."

  • "It opened my eyes to things I need to improve.” 

  • “Some great tips and strategies to open marriage - it was needed. Hopefully, some new communication techniques, new boundaries, communication and a way to address issues we have been avoiding.” 

  • “My wife and I have a much deeper understanding and love of each other. A renewed commitment to our marriage.”

Our Scholarship Fund enables couples in financial difficulty to attend a Marriage Encounter free of charge. Please give today.

Couples struggling financially are very grateful for your generous hearts! 😍 They are able to attend a Marriage Encounter free of charge to restore their hope, enrich their marriage and realize the dream of a lifetime marriage! 

Thank you more than words can tell!! 😇 

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