Marriage Reconstruction Ministries Inc

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...helping men and women rebuild marriages affected by a wife's childhood sexual abuse.

Marriage Reconstruction Ministries, Inc. offers help to men and women affected by a wife’s childhood sexual abuse through exploring healthy patterns for responding to each other and reconstructing our marriages.

The brutally traumatic effects of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) rip and tear deeply into the souls of our wives. The long-term and traumatic effects of CSA also have a trajectory that appears to extend its impact into a marriage relationship. The symptoms extend beyond the individual victim to the interpersonal relationships of the victim. The effects of CSA intrusively disrupt marriages through sexual dysfunction, social conflict, emotional distancing, and financial drain. The common challenges for husbands married to victims of childhood sexual abuse include:

  • A sense of rejection from emotional distancing or your wife’s anger toward you as a man
  • Frustration resulting from unpredictable behaviors and situations
  • Emasculation resulting from dysfunctional sexual relationships
  • Rage towards our wife’s perpetrator(s)
  • Dealing with our wife’s eating disorder or other self-injurious behavior
  • Fear over our wife’s suicidal tendencies
  • Occasions of dissociation
  • Marriage books and conferences that fall short in addressing our unique needs (How many of those books have you thrown against a wall?)

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