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Background Statement 

Davori Productions Co.,  Mankato Playhouse is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit corporation in Mankato, MN founded by David and Lori Holmes in January, 2019 as a way to provide a desired need for quality entertainment to audiences in the local and surrounding communities. Mankato Playhouse brings the community both a premier table service dinner theater experience as well as non dinner theater performances focusing directly on the quality of the shows and our audience experience.  

Broadway Teen Workshops are also an important part of Mankato Playhouse. These seven week workshops help the youth in our community in grades 6 - 12 enhance their performing art skills by working with a staff of experienced directors on auditioning, acting, singing, and dancing while rehearsing for a show they perform for an audience at the end of the workshop. The educational classes enrich participants by expanding creativity and enhancing confidence while conveying the importance of Theater Arts to the community through educational, fun, and entertaining performances. 

Needs Statement

Our greatest cost per show that need to be covered for each production are royalties, set, costumes, and props - these can average between $5,000 to $10,000 per show. Mankato Playhouse's greatest need is for grants as well as individual donations and business sponsorship to support our ability to produce quality shows and maintain and improve our theater.  Our goal is to have enough funding to be able to continue making upgrades to our theater, provide scholarships for our Broadway Teen Workshops, and keep tickets at an affordable price. 

Our top needs:

1. Funding: Program - Main Stage and Youth productions.

2. Funding: Unrestricted - General operating budget.

3. In-Kind Donations - Construction materials, costumes, concessions, etc.

4. Technology - Laptops, sound and light equipment. 

Leadership Statement

"At Mankato Playhouse, we know achieving success on our mission depends on more than ticket sales, class fees, or fundraising efforts. It is dependent, first and foremost, on people. We see success when we talk to our audience members who thank us for bringing this to the community. We see it when we talk to audience members who are amazed that our actors are all volunteers from the community. We see success when we talk to parents of our Broadway Teens who they tell us their child can't wait to come to rehearsal each day, and that their younger siblings will be first in line once they are old enough to audition. We see it when our actors of both our Broadway Teens and Mainstage Productions call Mankato Playhouse their family. 

That's what success looks like. But it isn't free. Though we are funded through ticket sales and workshop fees, your financial support is essential to our continued sustainability and growth. Please give today to help us to ensure this valuable community asset endures for years to come."


-- David Holmes, Executive Director 

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