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We are a small group of people trying to do big things for the youth in our community. We are creating a safe & friendly place for families.

 Our facility is definitely on the right track! It has been recently moved to a larger and more accessible piece of property on the north side of Mankato, Minnesota. It was built to be very safe for young beginners yet fast and fun for the more experienced. We offer free open riding to everyone as well as guidence to anyone wanting to begin the sport of BMX. BMX participation is on the rise and has now become an Olympic sport. We have a rider base of just over 200 kids that are able to race on our track along with 2 other neighboring tracks. This sport definitely helps keep kids active and really builds confidence. It also gives families the opportunity to spend time together in a competitive yet fun environment.

 We are very focused on doing things the correct way and are trying to maintain our status as one of the top tracks in our state. This has been getting more difficult due to budget cuts but we hope to work through it with hard work, fundraising and donations by people like you.

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23533 3RD Ave Chris Austin
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