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Main Street Alliance of Minnesota gives community-minded small business owners a voice and a seat at the table to speak for themselves and support positive policy change – face-to-face with decision makers in Minnesota and nationally. 

We elevate the voices of small business owners statewide who believe that investments in our communities and our employees are good for business. We’re focused on policies that level the playing field so small businesses can be creators of good jobs in our communities. We believe in fair taxes that support the infrastructure our communities and families need to thrive. Good business requires us to look beyond short-term profits and exploitative business practices and instead focus on making investments that create sustainable workplaces and prosperous economies..

In 2021, Main Street Alliance will continue to challenge the assumption that businesses only care about their bottom lines by ensuring that small business owners’ voices are heard in the public policy debates of the day. Our members will push Congress to provide additional COVID-relief that is targeted to small businesses that are really struggling right now. At both the federal and state levels, we will advocate for affordable health care, paid family and medical leave programs, a public investment to make high-quality child care affordable, and the elimination of roadblocks that prevent small business owners -- particularly BIPOC business owners -- from accessing loans and grants to start or expand their businesses. 

We need your support to continue this critical work. 

Through Main Street Alliance of Minnesota, our members:

  • Advocate for public policies at the federal and state level, such as paid family and medical leave, a public health insurance option, public investment to make high-quality child care and early education affordable.
  • Testify before Congress, the state legislature, and local city councils and commissions
  • Help policy makers understand how policies affect real-life business owners
  • Write opinion pieces and letters to the editor
  • Challenge assumptions about what small business owners really care about

The Main Street Alliance takes a traditional grassroots community organizing model to the small business community. We identify values-based, community oriented  business owners and work to lift up their voices in the media, with elected officials, and in the community.

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