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The Magnus Veterans Foundation. This is the FIRST Veteran's non-profit organization to combine comprehensive primary care with specialty domains to fully optimize the health of our Veterans and their families. Having been a nation at war for over 18 continuous years, we have many returning warriors who need our help. There's a huge disconnect between the realities of our nation's troops and the preparedness of our society to meet their needs. We seek to fill this gap and provide alternatives to healing Veterans and their families.

This organization is the brainstorm of LTC (Retired) Shawn M. Alderman, MD.  Shawn served as the Group Surgeon for 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), for all Special Operations in the Middle East.  It was there he organized a multi-disciplinary team to address the physical, spiritual, social, and psychological needs of special operators and their families.  He created a facility that housed all of these experts in one place, essentially establishing a one-stop-shop for comprehensive health and performance for SF Soldiers and their families.  

 He has secured a $3M estate in Dayton, MN to establish the Magnus Veterans Wellness Center for comprehensive health and performance for MN veterans and their families. The donations we receive will be used to refurbish the estate so we can fully heal, honor and restore our amazing Veterans in their return to civilian life.

Thank you for your support.  Together, we will close the gap between those who go to war and those who send them to fully restore the Warrior Spirit.

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