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Thank you for donating to MAEE!

All donations directly support and advance environmental education in Minnesota, including our Landscape Analysis Project!

Be a part of funding MAEE's Landscape Analysis Project, a three-year data analysis project to identify and address gaps and barriers to EE access all across the state! In collaboration with other organizations, MAEE is working with a database company to begin with a comprehensive statewide survey of existing opportunities and a compilation of spatial data that is relevant to identifying gaps and barriers.  The final project will result in a field trends dashboard, a gaps, barriers, and opportunities map, and findings and recommendations. It will also provide recommendations and next steps for increasing access to outdoor programs and environmental literacy efforts based on an inventory of model programs and initiatives happening nationwide.

Individual donations also play a vital role in supporting our eePortal database of jobs and resources, annual Environmental Education Awards, Student Showcase, annual conference, ECO (Educator Connection Opportunity) Events program, HappEE Hour networking sessions, and much, much more. MAEE exists to support and build upon the considerable talents of the Minnesota EE community. MAEE’s eePortal (eeportal.minnesotaee.org) -- formerly SEEK -- was created to share environmental education resources, jobs, and events with classroom teachers, naturalists, and nonformal educators in Minnesota. 

By supporting MAEE you help to bring high-quality professional development opportunities to MN educators, connect educators to resources that help them improve their practice, and enhance our work educating the public, teachers, and policymakers about the value of education for, about, and in the environment. 

MAEE is a statewide network of professionals, students, and volunteers working in the field of environmental education. This includes classroom teachers and administrators, nonformal educators, outdoor recreation providers, natural resource professionals, and naturalists. MAEE is the primary organization dedicated to providing the overall environmental education community with quality resources to utilize throughout Minnesota and beyond. Now more than ever, issues around climate, economy, culture, justice, and communal disparities all influence our global ecosystem. We believe MAEE strengthens the role of education as a solution to our environmental and societal challenges through the committed efforts of our many members.

We humbly you please give today to help us help the earth. Thank you for your commitment to your community, our precious MN environment, and the only planet we have to call home. 

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