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We Help You Out-Hook You Up- and Watch You Thrive! Help Reverse the Devastation Caused by Crime, Gang Violence, and Drug Use.

Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues and Supporters;

TODAY, is a very important day for the MAD DAD’S organization and many more organizations across the great State of Minnesota, TODAY is "GIVE TO THE MAX DAY".

Over our 20 years of building healthy communities, one thing has always been true, whether it is in our community, downtown keeping everyone safe, in the prisons, on the buses and trains, in hospitals, or simply at your side during times of trouble “we show up”.  What’s even more important is that WE could not have accomplished our dreams or lived up to our motto to —be vocal, visible, and vigilant—without YOU!!!

Did you know…

  • 100% of every dollar raised goes to support the services of Minneapolis MAD DADS (known as the Out Reach Unit).
  • Every $15.00 donated goes to support the Minneapolis MAD DADS Green Machine
  • Every $20.00 donated goes to support our Annual Senior Pride Day honoring our seniors.
  • Every $25.00 donated helps an incarcerated male come back to our communities as a productive citizen.
  • Every $50.00 donation supports one staff providing 1.5 hours of Safety Patrols.
  • Every $75.00 donation prevents a child from gangs and violence.
  • Every $100.00 donations provides MAD DADS with the ability to diffuse and prevent violent acts of crime towards our youth and vulnerable adults.

These are just a few of the opportunities provided here at Minneapolis Chapter MAD DAD’S, but we can’t do it without YOU. Please help us to continue our work by making a generous tax deductible donation to the Minneapolis Chapter MAD DAD’S.

For more information, or to view one of our videos please contact us at (612) 822-0802 or visit our website at  God Bless you and Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Thank You,

VJ Smith, President

Minneapolis Chapter



   Thank You from National President VJ Smith

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