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We walk beside our clients to explore what steps need to be taken to ensure they’re in a position for success.  

-Dustin Bystrom, MACV Employment Services Manager 

The mission of Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) is to end Veteran homelessness in Minnesota. We believe that no one who served should be homeless. We reach more than 3,000 people per year and have served over 1,500 Veterans so far in 2020. 

MACV offers legal services, employment services, and manages housing to help Veterans get back on their feet after a crisis. Over the past six months, we have doubled our number of open cases and responded to a greater need for transportation, housing, and food assistance. Reaching out to Veterans on the street has taken on a new urgency in the wake of COVID-19, causing MACV to grow partnerships with hotels and other creative shelter providers.  

We are working to find housing for homeless Veterans and we're anticipating a greater need for help as we get closer to the state lifting the eviction moratorium.  Any additional help you can provide with grant or donation opportunities would be a great service.  Last year's donations provided so much help!

We knew of roughly 200 unsheltered Veterans at the beginning of 2020. Right now, that number stands at 293 with winter setting in. We need your support as we help these Veterans find their way home.


MACV remains dedicated to its mission to end Veteran homelessness in Minnesota. Over the last ten years we have witnessed a 56% decline in Veteran homelessness in Minnesota, with over half of the state’s counties declaring that all of their Veterans have a place to sleep tonight. We envision a day when every Veteran in Minnesota has access to services and supports to avoid homelessness and live a stable life with integrity and hope. We know our goal is within reach, and ask: do you want to be part of the solution as we close the gap?

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